Reading List


Cogley: What’s the matter? Don’t you like books?

Kirk: Oh, I like them fine, but a computer takes less space.

Cogley: A computer, huh? I got one of these in my office. Contains all the precedents, a synthesis of all the great legal decisions written throughout time. I never use it.

Kirk: Why not?

Cogley: I’ve got my own system. Books, young man, books.

Star Trek, Court Martial


Mythical Man-Month cover

The Mythical Man Month

Fred Brooks, 1995 (20th anniversary edition)

Don't Make Me Think cover

Don’t Make Me Think

Steve Krug, 2006

The 2014 “revisited” edition is also good, but the examples from the ancient Internet in the earlier editions are charming

Undercover Economist cover

The Undercover Economist

Tim Harford, 2007

Honorable Mentions

    • The Accidental Investment Banker
      Jonathan Knee, 2007
    • The Big Short
      Micheal Lewis, 2011
    • The Design of Everyday Things
      Donald Norman, 2002 (original copyright 1988)
    • Effective Java
      Joshua Bloch, 2010
    • Extreme Brewing
      Sam Calagione, 2006
    • Gates: How Microsoft’s Mogul Reinvented an Industry – and Made Himself the Richest Man in America
      Stephen Manes, Paul Andrews, 1994
    • Groovy In Action
      Dierk König, 2007
    • Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion
      Robert Cialdini, 1993 (original copyright 1984)
    • In Search of Stupidity
      Merrill Chapman, 2003 (The 2003 edition is the good one. If you can’t get it, buy the 2006 edition, then rip out chapters twelve and on.)
    • Java Puzzlers
      Joshua Bloch, Neal Gafter, 2007
    • Liar’s Poker
      Michael Lewis, 1990
    • Leave It to Psmith
      PG Wodehouse, 2005 (original copyright 1924)
    • The Logic of Life
      Tim Harford, 2009
    • A Mathemetician Reads the Newspaper
      John Allen Paulos, 1995
    • The Non-Designer’s Design Book
      Robin Williams, 1994
    • The Peter Principle
      Laurence J Peter & Raymond Hull, 2009 (40th anniversary edition)
    • The Productive Programmer
      Neal Ford, 2008
    • The Undercover Economist Strikes Back
      Tim Harford, 2013
    • The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
      Edward Tufte, 2013 (original copyright 2001)
    • Where Are the Customers’ Yachts?
      Fred Schwed, 2006 (original copyright 1940)

I’ve listed dates of the printing that I own.

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