Solving interference for the Microsoft Sculpt

The Microsoft Sculpt is currently my favorite keyboard, but it suffers a nearly fatal flaw: sometimes keypresses fail to register. This happens apparently at random, and often enough to make the keyboard unusable. My best guess at the cause is wireless interference, but the keyboard does not come in a wired version.

It stands to reason that the receiver might just need to get closer to the transmitter, so I might be able to solve the problem by making the keyboard semi-wired. Effectively, I would extend the receiver and tape it to the back of the keyboard:

Sculpt keyboard with receiver taped to back

This works flawlessly.

Better yet, taping the receiver to the keyboard is unnecessary: simply plugging the receiver into a usb extension cable lets keystrokes register without fail. I surmise that the extension cable becomes an antenna, but whatever the reason, keystrokes now register without fail and the receiver can be just as far from the keyboard as before.